Fisherman’s guide to Social Media Management

I could make it easy and just recommend you to give me all your Social Media responsibilities and I’ll look after them but that would achieve little and fall under the old adage of:

“Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”

How do you mean?

Well put simply if I take over all your social media stuff today, I will in no time be very busy with a couple of different businesses accounts absorbing all my time posting to Facebook & Twitter and generally mucking about on Social Media.

But would I be actually doing or selling anything constructive?

To be honest I would very quickly dry up my income stream by having filled my time doing things that you can already do and in no time you would see no value added to you or your business.

No instead, I am far better employed doing what I do best and that is dialling into what you are doing, figuring out how to improve it, establish the framework and teach you how to do it yourself in a time efficient manner that stops you simply ‘doing’ social media and instead start achieving results.

You see the results, you learn stuff, and we all get rewarded for what is achieved. Click To Tweet

Taking the fishing analogy to its conclusion, I’ve decided not to give you fish, I’m instead teaching you how to fish so we both get satisfaction from the arrangement.

At the same time, once you have mastered the techniques, I’m also the seller of the bait and hooks that you will need to continue fishing.

Drop me an email to find out what I can do for your business profile.

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