What Social Media platform should I start to use?

To answer this you have to first consider what you want to achieve.

Naturally your sales & marketing plan will have all your customer demographics worked out, who you want to sell to, where they are and how you are going to let them know about you.

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Once we know the ‘who’ and the ‘where’ then we can figure out the ‘how’.

In general most people are familiar with Facebook whether you have an account personally or not is pretty irrelevant, if you don’t ‘believe in Facebook’ because of one thing or another we have another bridge to build for you as Facebook is where it is happening for visual marketing.

And believe me visual marketing is THE thing.

Remember when a business relied on word of mouth referral? Me telling you “Sean’s Cakeshop up the road makes great birthday cakes” well that conversation and referral mechanism is still the way great businesses grow BUT that methodology has changed.

Now most of these referrals take place directly by people ‘Checking in’ and Reviewing a business and / or indirectly by friends of these people getting involved in an online conversation:

“Oh I see you checked into Sean’s Cakeshop. How did you get on? What did you get?”



Next thing is a photo of a smashing birthday cake which gets shared and commented on and passed around on the internet. Every-time this gets moved on, the photo and most importantly “Sean’s Cakeshop” gets presented to another set of eyes and so on.

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So to answer the question of the topic I would suggest for pretty much most businesses I consult with – Facebook is the first platform I would setup followed fairly quickly by Twitter and Instagram (especially for visual businesses).

How I would grow them and utilise the platforms is the bait & hooks of my business but suffice to say there is no over night success in Social Media, much the same as with business. It takes time and focus to get the results but the results do come.

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