Gaming the SEO system..

..doesn’t work. So don’t waste your money.

Digital marketing and SEO is about money. 💰 💴

You spending yours in the hope of profiting and others receiving and profiting from selling you hope.

I won’t charge you for this advice as it’s my view and hopefully makes sense to you…

You can not game either the system or people and hope to win.

Yes, you can spend a small fortune and get to the top of Google search’s but what good is that to you if you can’t convert sales?

You have to start with your website. Get your site right, good content, good sales funnel, good data capture (get email addresses and then USE them) and you will start winning as long as you have something people want.

There is no point or benefit to sending people to your website if you can’t sell them something – product, service, information; in fact if you are sending people to your site and they quickly bounce you will do more harm to your SEO than any amount of money can buy!!

Content is King!

Here’s the thing.

Have good content. Stuff people will read (or engage with and buy) and what will happen is you lower the bounce. Google will rate your site as being of ‘value’ and guess what? You will naturally creep up the ranks.

SEO expenditure will increase your chances of being found. But if you can’t get sales, is it worth it?

Bear in mind when you spend $$$ on SEO and it’s got you up in the ranking but not leading to sales what will the experts blame?

Your content. So get it right first and work from there.

Speak or message me and I can help guide you.

What Social Media platform should I start to use?

To answer this you have to first consider what you want to achieve.

Naturally your sales & marketing plan will have all your customer demographics worked out, who you want to sell to, where they are and how you are going to let them know about you.

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Fisherman’s guide to Social Media Management

I could make it easy and just recommend you to give me all your Social Media responsibilities and I’ll look after them but that would achieve little and fall under the old adage of:

“Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”

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